Anka Gnoth, singer, poet and composer is playing several instruments and moving between different styles. She is connecting classic songelements with odd rhythms and poetic lyrics in German and English.

She is influenced by natures soundscape, curious signature sounds of words and the wide array of colours that beam inbetween any pair of opposites. For Anka, lyrics are always at the centre of importance and the music then frames the lyrics completing a picture. Since 2015 she is working with the kontrabassplayer, producer and freespirit George Donchev. Together they create a unique atmosphere and take the audience into higher dimensions.

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24.03. Toronto / Papermill Gallery  
26.03. Ottawa / Petit Chicago  
27.03. Ottawa / MLA Club  
29.03. Montreal / Upstairs Jazzclub  
03.04. Boston  
07.04. Newhampshire  
10.05. Arlesheim / Taverne zum Vollmond  
11.05. Zürich / Janos Wohnzimmer  
12.05. Basel / Hauskonzert  
13.05. Konstanz / Campingplatz Klausenhorn  
15.05. Konstanz / Rambagh Palace  
25.05. Weimar / Schillerbühne  
26.05. Jena / Friedenskirche  
27.05. Erfurt / Barfüßerruine  
06-09.07. Rudolstadt / TFF  
03.06. Sofia / Teahouse  
20.08. Varna / Menthol Club  
tba Sozopol / Apolonia Music & Art Festival  


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